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p-vpfxpast tense, a prefix that goes at the start of a verb to indicate that the action happened before yesterday. Tehata hiꞌai-ka, moo himia pirooꞌu, goꞌoto ata-to, pairai Veraibari.Recently I was coming back by myself from a village called Veraibari.Moo abeai piroha pooꞌui-da piroapuai.I did not see my father come up behind me and grab me by the right hand.Ruu-ro podau, boomoi imaiꞌia kaida, pooꞌu boomo rituoi rautu.He went off, killed a pig, and then came back with the dead pig.Abui omahoroi-ka irooꞌu tuiai gaꞌe hiꞌai-da, auo geemai aiha peibua.When I came to the middle of the river, a very big snake appeared.Irooꞌumoi-da Era-Kiti goꞌotoi taitai-da, iridiri aiha porodoꞌia.As we came up past Era-Kiti village the engine stopped working.Ata himioi moo obo oruꞌoi pirodoi-ka aro-ipi geemai ai-podudio.One day I went down to the river to wash where there was a big log floating there.Hibai tauo pooꞌu peei kekai-da podudio.The crocodile had already come, and was lying under the canoes.
paatannipa bush
paaꞌansomething that keeps liquid insidecomp.oro-paaꞌaoro1
paepae1adjconcern caused by hearing bad news about a serious incident, cannot be used of people who saw the incident, only for hearing about the incident. Komo matii-da ramui ihiai paepaei poo'u. He came from the fishing place, worried and upset, because his older brother died.2na group who has broken away because of conflict with another group
pagoanrooten wood, but very dry and sometimes used to make fires
pahanleaf, frondAaꞌo ruꞌai paha tiato-kathe tree had no leavesKiauka, ruu odai-ka, go'otai gaga'oi pahai goroi-da imopi'oma.Okay, he went, to hide himself under the dry coconut leaves.1.5.1Treeunspec. comp. formheme pahaheme
pahaaLHntwo-banded perch (Diploprion bifasciatum)
pahapahaadjbaby that is able to smile, sit and crawl
pahe2nmale animal, not used for humansIbuoi haato pirai'ia aa'o boomo pahei.He hit the male pig with an axe.
pai1adjgreat, powerful, importantRuu aapoꞌiai-ka, pai rautu madei-to...He called out, with a powerful voice...2nchief, leader, big-man, boss, LordDidimoi, go'otoi pai-ro aa'o-ka, "Kiauka..."After, the village chief said, "Okay..."unspec. comp. formmere paimere13nnewsPai ata agoromaimo?Did you hear any news?synhari4nlegacy, inheritance, something that has been marked for someone but does not yet belong to them, an item that has been passed through the generationsAba-o, moo pai raarai romotoodeai doꞌou.Father, give me my inheritance things now. pai tutu'ea conch shell that has been handed down through generations of a family
pai mereeunspec. comp. form ofpai 2
paidubunchief, Lord, leaderRimo himia merei paidubui ara.The chief of our own longhouse.Rimo Paidubui-ro iriahoꞌo.The Lord is calling us.4.6.1Ruler
paimeacomp. ofmea
paipaiadjbig onesAuboi-ri paipai-ka rimo toe bia.Although the waves are big, we are not scared.8.3.1Shape
pairan1nameMoo pairai-ka Marame.My name is Marame.Doꞌou emidio hepui pairai-ka Gemaꞌu.The land we live on today is named Gema'uKa doꞌou rimo goꞌotoi pairai Mira Goairami-ka. Mira, omo geegai paira-ka. Goairami, goꞌotoi pairai-ka.And now our village's name is Mila Goilavi. Mila is the name of the big river, and the Goilavi is the name of the village.Tehata hiꞌai-ka, moo himia pirooꞌu, goꞌoto ata ato, pairai Veraibari.Recently I was coming back by myself from a village called Veraibari.Himio atai ruu merrei ootoi-ka, meree ohio keehi, ruu pairai emaꞌai ka, Miro.One day she bore a child, a baby boy, and gave him the name Miro.2term of address for someone who has the same name as you, or is the parent of someone with the same name as you
pairai omoodoivregister one name, take one name downstream to add it to a list
pairoman1this is the third and final stage of traditional initiations, and comes after maari. During this stage of the initiation process, initiates are taught how to protect themselves and how to fight enemies, among other things. Takes one year to 18 months, and is completed once married, during this time they remain in the longhouse, only go outside for the toilet at night, do not see their families. The last group of initiates to go through pairoma was some time in the 1950s2a very long necklace made from dogs' teeth that was given by an uncle to an initiate to mark their completion of the pairoma stage of initiation
pairoma 2necklace
pairoma 2necklace
paisi ru'anintroduced species of plant with small throns and touch sensitive leaves
paisi ru'aplant.sp
paiꞌentree species "eagle wood" with dark wood and good smelling leaves.
pamahinaibika, an edible green leaf
pamepamenspecies of uaea tree but that has fruit similar in size to a pencil that is no good for eating
pamonold, derelict, not used to decribe people, they are pa'uri.Moo kiauka odai-ka Ramasu moto pamoi goroi-da idebi piroto.But as for me, I went and sat under Namasu's old house and was weeping tears.