mereeLLsp. var.mere3n1person, does not specify age or gender4.1.2Types of peoplecomp.bedea-mereebedeaebihae-mereeebihae2offspring; son or daughterAta himioi abeai-re mereei-re odai-ka buꞌi eito gaꞌai iriodioi.One day father and son went to the bush to cut out material for some bows.4.1.9Kinshipmeree-keehicomp.plmeree-keekenbaby, small childAta himioi moo oboi-re retoꞌa-gaꞌu burio meree-keehi rautu goꞌu pirodaumoOne day I went out fishing with my wife and small two-year-old childsynbeibi4.1.2Types of peoplemerehiocomp.plohiobaiꞌonboy, sonKa moo merehioi ruu rautu iaadoi-ka.Then my son went down with himsynohio4.1.2Types of people

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