-duumovsfx1used with plural subjects asking about actions or talking in hypothetical terms (irrealis-plural)Boꞌui-do rihimaituti duumo?Who are we bowing to?Roo umo bia, uubi obo-totoi goroi oaꞌoiai amaꞌai duumo.You never know whether someone might be under the wharf.Aiha amemidio duumo, ka toei-hato emidiodioi raꞌai kaumo.For if we continue living here life will be always full of fear.Ara odii ruu gaaꞌu aibo-ka, uubi-ro tio-ra apoho-rai raꞌaibou rimotuti madio duumo emerai oaduꞌoi-ka.This story is the same, whether telling how people weave mats or baskets.2plural subject marker in the intermediate past (yesterday)Rimo iha ge'ii ra'ai duumo, rii mori irimodabuai duumoi-da. We were very happy, when they helped us to gather the money (yesterday).Pei mapoi iremahiai duumo.We cut off the back end of the canoe log.Rimo raarai imioꞌuo duumo.Our things went down.

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