=ra1dial. var.=rie1subordconnif, can be used as an opposite to the declaratie =kaMuramura eidai tiato-ra mereei atai eito emaꞌai aꞌai.If you don't take medicine, you will give your sickness to another person.Roo tairamui tiato-ra, roo raꞌati gimoi emeꞌai aꞌai.If you do not have a mosquito net, you will get malaria.Roo rio-ra hege umai oropoiꞌoi, turia-ha himioi obo oruoi-da goꞌota ihi ma orohiꞌauti.If you want to get ride of scabies, rub on coconut oil every day when you wash.Roo rio-ra hito ahoroi, epui roo umoiꞌai buꞌi eito.If you want to make the woven bag called "hitoi", first you go to the bush.2yes/no question marker, can be used as opposite to declarative =kaRoo rio-ra? Moo rio-ka!Do you want it? I want it!Boi'o-ra keekebai'oi?Who are the small ones?

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