am-cfa-ag-advpfxyes-no question marker, or irrelis marker, combined with second and third person (m-), in the future, present and recent past (earlier today).

'Do you/he/she/they...?' 'You/he/she/they should..."
Roo mooi-do amiraromo?Do you think about me?Moo abeai totomu made amoroaduꞌuti moo piroha emidioi-ka.If my father should give me advice, I sit quietly and listen to him.Roo paidubui-to amoromidio, kehibuo gaboi-ro emapui aꞌai-ka.Should you want to follow God, he will show you the narrow road (the right road).Eaꞌa! Bereberei-ro ameremabe.Watch! Lightning might strike.

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