The Kurux ethnic group of India may be refered to as Kadukali, Kurka, Kurukh, Oraon, Urang, or Uraon.

The popululation, according to the 2001 census, is 1,750,000 in India, and the total number of speakers in all countries is 1,804,200. They are located in eastern India, specifically in Chhattisgarh state: Raigarh, and Surguja districts; Jharkhand state: Ranchi district; Odisha state: Jharsuguda and Sundargarh districts; West Bengal state: Jalpaigiri district; Assam, Bihar, and Tripura states.

The classification of the language is Dravidian, Northern.

The Kurux highly value their language and have produced literature, radio programs, a grammar and the Bible. They use the Devanagari script.

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