Credits & acknowledgements


I would first like to thank God, the Creator of heaven and earth, the only God, who gave us life. It is he who gave me the strength to complete this little work. I give thanks to God who is worthy of praise.

I address my thanks to his Majesty, Mahamat Bahar MAROUF, Sultan of Logone-Birni, for his warm welcome and for his support in favor of the development of his language.

I would like to thank Mr. Marouf BRAHIM who contributed a lot to this project from the beginning to the end and without whom this work would not have seen the day. I thank his family for welcoming me and my family as members of his own family. My biggest thanks go in general to the Lagwan people for their great friendship towards me.

My gratitude also goes to my colleagues at SIL. I thank Mr. Sean ALLISON who started this project in 1999 when he compiled a list of 1,500 words with Mr. Marouf BRAHIM, Mamat ABAMA, and Moumoune MADEME. I also thank Miss Joy RUFF who enlarged and improved this list with the collaboration of Mrs. SALI Habi, Mr. Awalou ADAM, and Mrs. MAHAMAT Aïcha Mavoua for two years, from 2004 to 2006. This lexicon is really the fruit of our long collaboration. I am grateful to Mr. Robert HEDINGER who reviewed this work and provided a lot of advice. I thank Mr. Kevin BRADFORD and Mr. Eric HAYS who helped me in the publication of this book.

The author sincerely thanks all those who supported this project or who contributed to the production of this work.