Credits and acknowledgements


Credits and Acknowledgements

I want to heartily thank everyone who has had a part in compiling this Lama trilingual dictionary.

In early 1972, when I first arrived in Togo, Mr. Ahianyo-Akakpo, director of the Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique gave me permission to undertake the study of Lama.

Mr. Békoutaré, director of the National Library of Togo, personally introduced me to the Lama community at Kande and encouraged me in the work.

Mr. Toro, the former adjunct to the chef de circonscription of Kande, and Mr. Namancii Oyinka, the high chief of Kande, welcomed me to their town and gave me much assistance in settling there.

In the early days, several Lama men contributed to my research, assisting with patience and gentleness. I especially want to thank Mr. Cikparon Antoine of Nyandé and Mr. Sanki Modeste of Kande. Over the years several other men assisted me in analysis and lexical compilation, including Otowa Tiitowa Dahounde, who worked on this dictionary.

I am very thankful to the staff at the Catholic Mission of Kande, who shared their research documents on Lama with me and aided me in many, different ways.

Finally, I thank my wife, Carol, who after our marriage in June 1979 also spent untold hours of work on this dictionary.

Richard Neal Brinneman

March 2016

Waxhaw, North Carolina, USA