The Latege language (often called Teke) is spoken mainly in the province of Haut-Ogooué, southeast of the Republic of Gabon to the east of Franceville. This large area extends from the village of Kessala in the south to Aboumi in the north. The villages of Bongoville, Ngouoni and Akieni mark the western limit of this region. The region extends over the eastern border into Congo-Brazzaville to the villages of Ewo and Okoyo and the Mpama river.

Until now a dictionary did not exist in Latege for enabling mother tongue writers to use their language and for helping in the development and preservation of the language and culture.

This dictionary is in its beginning stages. It is limited. The articles included on this site are not complete. If you speak Teke and know the language well, your comments are very welcome. But, we hope that you will be careful to use the alphabet and orthography included in this dictionary before bringing to us your suggestions.