Ghana Shyam


Tashidhelek! I would like to congratulate and thank National Foundation for Development of Indigenous Nationalities and Himalayan Indigenous Society-Nepal for the maiden publication of the Lhowa-Nepali-English Dictionary. This dictionary will contribute significantly towards the conservation of the locally spoken Lhowa language and culture. Furthermore, it will provide the much needed recognition of the linguistic and cultural diversity of Nepal’s mountain communities. On behalf of Lho Dhho Dhun community and as an indigenous person from Lho myself, I am grateful to the working team members, institutions and individuals involved in this important endeavour of helping conserve the Lhowa language - Loke, and acknowledging my contribution as a commentator on this important document.

I wish that the local youths and their institutions will take ownership of this document, and Loke be introduced as an elective course in all schools in Lho. As the pronunciation of words defines their context, it is important that the local youth receive special training to communicate the same properly. This will promote local language for generations to come and help them stay connected with their cultural roots, appreciate their value, and develop a sense of collective pride.


Ghana Shyam Gurung

PhD (Dr Chikyap Ghurmet)

Dhee, Surkhang VDC-4

Upper Mustang