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bibirb2nounfishes [type]5.2Food1.6.1.5Fish

biir2verb1be ripeŊi nan gbei ki mu biir mbamɔm.They (ears of corn) were full and ripe.5.2Food2be well-cooked5.2Food3be well matured

bisaacflisambɔnnnsachɔbubɔɔnnounstaple food (TZ, fufu etc.)U war bisaa ki di ŋa tikpin ni.He took a ball of bisaa (TZ) and dipped into the soup.5.2Food

bumɔbpl.imɔicfimɔjupl. ofmmɔjulijuullijuullimɔchirlimɔchuulimɔgbanlcomp. ofbumɔblimɔjunnlimɔyiirlul3mbisamɔbmmɔjummɔkpaweenmmɔmɔɔnmmɔɔn2mmɔpɔɔncomp. ofbumɔbmpɔɔnmmɔpuurcomp. ofbumɔbpuun liimɔb, mɔwɔbngbanpɔɔpuu3yiinounmouth2.1Bodyimɔliincomp.nounwords limɔŋimɔgbancfbumɔbngbanverblip2.1Bodymmɔgbaamiicomp.nounbreach in dam wallmmɔpɔɔncomp.cfbumɔbpɔɔnounloud/strong voicemmɔɔpuurcfbumɔbpuu3nouncurseLe Kristo nyan timi mmɔpuur ngbaan ni.Christ redeemed us from that curse. lul bumɔbid.verbfast (lit. tie mouth)5.2Food

busaanouncooked yam slices, TZ, food, (no sg./ pl. distinction - only one form) from plants5.2Food


chee4cfbar1verbharvest by cutting, reap, cut halfdial. var.lak15.2Food

chɔiverb1take leave, say goodbye2invite to eat or drink5.2Food3chop up (meat)5.2Food

chukrverbto remove seeds, pound, dehusk5.2Food

fɔbdial. var.fabcfgui1verbpluck chicken using hot water5.2Food

galkcfchotoverbbe sour, bitter5.2Food

gɔrkpl.gɔrk mamgɔrtiibcfgɔrmam1sp. var. ofgɔrk mamnounsickle, scythe5.2Food


inabinoungourd [type], whose seeds are used for soup5.2.3.1Food from plants5.2Food

jajabnounseed [type], (small) from plants5.2Food

ji1cfkijinjiilibɔjillijilnjimtibɔr1verbeat, consume, enjoy, spend5.2Food

jinn1verbfeed (cause to eat)Taa jinn aana inimɔɔn.Don't disgrace your mother5.2Food

kachaagerapl.kachaagera mamnoungranary, made with zana matting for guinea corn and other grain5.2Food

kakalnoungourd [type], used for soup5.2.3.1Food from plants5.2Food

kawɔnounsaltpetre (a catalyst for food)5.2Food

ken3cflibpunpunverbfry, roast in a pan5.2Food

kerverbpluck, bring down from a tree5.2Food

kibobiknounpito may be served in this small pot, or in a sagbo. It will be poured into a calabash for drinking.5.2Food