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ŋ-pronounpfxthey, (see introduction), inalienable possessive pref.
ŋa1verbmake, do, becomeWaa kee ŋa upii.She hasn't yet become a woman.
*ŋa2questionhow many/much
ŋaa1verbsuck (breast)5.2Food
ŋaa2negative pronounpronoun class 4 plural /ŋi/ plus negative /aa/ (they /ŋi/ did/are not )
ŋaahcfaah ... na conjunctionas they, cl. pro. subord.takes obligatory clause final particle /na/
ŋaalverbdrive, steer
ŋaan1verbbecome good, make good
ŋaan2verbput on fire to boil5.2Food
ŋaan3cfaa1gaŋinegative future pronounclass 4 plural pronoun /ŋi/ with negative /aa/ and future /-n/ (they will not/are not...
ŋaaŋdial. var.ŋaŋverbmeasure, examine
ŋak1verbbe equal
ŋak2verbquote a proverb
ŋan1verbsquash, squeeze
ŋan2verbbe good
ŋaŋdial. var. ofŋaaŋ
ŋeedemonstrativethese - concordant with n. cl. 4
ŋeendial. var. ofnyeen1
ŋeen aatɔpl.ŋeen aatɔtiibnounfellow, peer, neighbour, colleague, companion
ŋeercflitunlsaapɔɔŋeerusaapɔɔnututuŋeerverbbe suitable, be complete, be enough, be time for (something)