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ŋmaverbbe able
ŋmaandial. var. ofgbabclothe
ŋmaandial. var. ofgbintether, tie
ŋmaan1verbput on (ring)
ŋmaan2verbsqueeze out, wring out
ŋmaarverbtake off (ring)
ŋmalinf. ŋmaniverbmix, be digested
ŋmamverbput under arm
ŋman1inf. ŋmɔverbchew, be able5.2Food
ŋman2verbbe able
ŋmangeŋpl.ŋmangentiibnounbird [type]
ŋmaninkaabaahow much more!
ŋmarcfgaaliiŋŋmarnverbbe saved, slip away, escape
ŋmee2verbbe carrying under arm
ŋmeen1adjectiveonly, aloneNnyun, ni mbɔmbɔɔn ŋmeen le nan bi ni kookoo.There was only water and darkness everywhere.
ŋmim!dial. var. ofŋmin
ŋmindial. var.ŋmim!inf. var.ŋmin!cfchii3liŋmiŋminlverbbe quiet (often used with intensifier 'ŋmin')Bi ŋmin chiiThey were silent intensifier
ŋmin!inf. var. ofŋmin
ŋmirverbrub, rub on
ŋmirbcfligbengbenladjectiveblunt (never was sharp)
ŋmɔ1verbbe equal in height, level

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