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b-pronounpfxthey (see introduction)
ba1cfbadaalbayoonncomp. ofn-yoonndaalni1nilaban-yoonninterrogativewhat?Aa ban ba? What do you want? (You want what?)badaal? when? (what day)ba ŋa?why? (what happened?)Ba ŋa si?|What is the matter with you? (What happened you?)ba pu?why? (what upon?)bayoonn when? (what time?)Aa fuu ni bayoonn? What time did you come? (You arrived what time?)
ba2particlemarker of conditional contrary to factNi yaa ba nan bi niyajatiib yoonn ngbaan kan naa ba ga ŋa baah nan ŋa pu na.If you had been living in your ancestors' day, you would not have done what they did.
ba3cfdaalpudaalpu nader. ofdaalpufefefenan4nan4nan4particle timenear past marker (today)U ba buen kinyaŋ ni.He went to market. (earlier today)
baa4negative pronounthey are not/did not... (pronoun bi 'they' fused with aa neg.')
*baa1reflexiveself, (one's) own (reflexive)Aa gii aabaa aa?Did you cut yourself?M kal mbaa aadiik ni.I sat in my own room.
*baa2cfdaalbaadaalcomp. ofdaalnumeralone, certain (the prefix agrees with the noun and may be plural)U kpa ubo ubaa. He has one child.Uja ubaa le nan bi......There was a certain man .....Bijab bibaa le nan bi .....There were some men .....*baabaaunspec. comp. formnumeralone each/ one, one
*baa5der. ofliwinbaalone
baahpronounas they (3rd person plural pronoun bi assimilated to the conjunction aah 'as')
baan1verbbegin, start at a point indicated
baan2verbgrope, search for
baan3cfaa1aan1inf. var. ofaa1bi1kaan3-nnegative future pronounThey are not/won't.
*baan4cf*chachaaniliinpl. ofnliinilimbaankpaan2bound rt.of one, sameBi ye ujabaan/upiibaan aabim la.They are one man/one woman's children.
baanjaquantifieronly, aloneUbɔr aapuu baanja le ba bi.Only the chief's wife was there.
baanjiranounlatrine, lavatory, toilet
baayarnounyam [type] from plants
babverbbe satisfied, replete
badaalcfba1daalinterrogativewhen? (what day?)
baecfmbaemubabaecomp., learner
bakverbtire, be tired
bakaanounbad, misdeed of major or minor willed person, criminal
bal1verbapply eyeshadowLe u bal chaloo, ki chaal uyikpir mbamɔm.She applied eyeshadow and arranged her hair well.