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beer2cffamverbbe, remain, exist (with 'useless/empty/void')Saah puu tipuur ti na aa beer fam.What you promised is not useless. (i.e. you did what you promised)
beer3inf. var. ofbee3
belnverbsearch, looking for anything of valueM ban m tun ni maajab le bi nan beln saabɔrdichal ni.I am going to send my soldiers to search in your palace. (to take anything of value) 1 Kings 20.6
ber1cfper3verbclean off, wipe off, rub out, erase, cancel, demolishNan ber maah ŋmee tiwan ni na.Rub out what I have written.
ber2inf. var.berniverbmove impetuously or precipitately, rushU ber koo ni. Baataan berni.He rushed in. Their horses charge.
ber3cflii2verblit. to demolish and let go the stomach (ber lipuul lii)Upii ubaa kina aan ber lipuul lii, bi mɔmɔk ga li kpa mbim. (Ex. 23.26)No woman will miscarry, they will all have children.
berniinf. var. ofber2
bi1cfaa1baan3pronounthey/them (cl. pn.)
bi2cfmbimbinverbexist, be alive, be present, live/stayU bi.He lives/exists/is there.U bi Yaan la.He lives/is in Yendi.U beenin bi ii?Is he still alive/there?
bi3particleContinuous, imperfective marker followed usually by la (affirmative) at the end of the sentence.U bi san idi la.She is pounding guinea corn.
bi4verbthey/them 3rd per. pl.
bi bueinf. var. ofbub
bi daeinf. var. ofdab1
bi deei1inf. var. ofden1
bi deei2inf. var. ofden2
bi gbaeinf. var. ofgbab
bi goeinf. var. ofgob
bi gonniinf. var. ofgok
bi gɔedial. var. ofgob
bi gɔnniinf. var. ofgɔr2
bi jaainf. var. ofjan
bi jiiinf. var. ofjib
bi joeinf. var. ofjɔb
bi joiinf. var. ofjon