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choon2cfchoorverbwork as payment for a bride. cf. choor 'in-law'M nan choon si ki ban Rachel la.I worked for you to get Rachel.
choorpl.choorteebcfchoon2nounman's in-laws (kinship)4.1.9Kinship
choor ujanounwife's father (kinship)4.1.9Kinship
choor upiinounwife's mother (kinship)4.1.9Kinship
chootiibsp. var. ofchoorteebpl. ofchoor
chɔbcfchakverbhold firmly, stickChɔb chuu!Hold tight!Buŋɔb chɔb tikpakpar ni.The boat stuck in the mud.Bu chɔb baan a.It (the boat) stuck fast.chɔb baanph. v.sp. var.chɔbaanverbcatch/hold firmlyBusub ngbaan aanyaan nan chɔb baan.The tree's roots went deep.
chɔb baansp. var.chɔbaanph. v. ofchɔb
chɔbaansp. var. ofchɔb baanph. v. ofchɔb
chɔiverb1take leave, say goodbye2invite to eat or drink5.2Food3chop up (meat)5.2Food
chɔk1verbfence, built by tying wood together
chɔk2verbplace in a holderKaryaa tiib bilole le chɔk ni puOn the lampstand are seven lamps.
chɔk chɔkadverbpointed
chɔldial. var.chɔnichɔrverbbe in a line, walk in a line one behind the otherMbim ngbaan yaa cha kun kan bi ga chɔl tɔb pu.If the children are going home, they will walk in line one behind the other.
chɔnidial. var. ofchɔl
chɔŋverbplace on top of a stand with a socket to receive itDi tikumann aakumbukuun ngbaan chɔŋ ŋimiisakɔn pu.Set the empty bronze pot upon the coals.
chɔɔnverbinsert into the ground to stand upright, eg. a stick or stone pillar...le ki di ŋitakpal kipiik ni ŋilee mu ki di chɔɔn chɔɔn,...and also set up twelve stone pillars,
chɔrdial. var. ofchɔl
chubqualifierexactly as it should be, very much, good, uprightU kan falaa chub. He suffered greatly.U ye unii chub. He is a good man. (He received me nicely and gave me something I needed.)
chukrverbto remove seeds, pound, dehusk5.2Food
churverbcatching, habitual/continuous
churbakaanumeralthousands, millions, uncountable...le itoon churbakaa u kaa kpa nkahm na dan....and countless millions of locusts came.
chuuverb1catch, attack2decideChuu uŋoob.Catch the goat.Aa yaa chuu ke aa ga buen Tamal kan aa tuk mi.If you decide to go to Tamale, you should inform me.chuu utaalapologize (catch his leg)
chuun1verbstrain through a basket or sieve
chuun2cflisachunlnsannsandial. var. oflisachunlverbmove, walk