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dik dikadverbfor ever/always, (follows 'cha' to go)Waan kani mpopiin ki cha dik dik.He will not be happy for ever.
dindaanpl.dindatiibnounhis/her owner, master (inalienably poss.)Tidindaan Our Lord (the one who owns us)
dinitemporalby the time thatDini aa ti fuu na....By the time you arrive.... (something will have happened)
diŋni1dial. var. ofdiin
diŋni2inf. var. ofdik2
do1nounplace, house, home, settlement, hereuja ubaa do a certain man's housedo yaabpeople from the same placendo yaabmy people
do2dial. var.doo2locativehereM bi do ke m chann nimi tichann la.I am here to serve you.
dokdial. var. ofduk
donninf. var.dur1verb1melt, melt something, become lean, waste awayLe uwon donn ti doo.His body wastes away to nothing.2grow lean, become thin as a result of sickness
doo1cfndoon1der. ofdoo1verbfinish, be finishedU yaa ji bisaa doo kan u ga buen.He will go when he has finished end
doo2dial. var. ofdo2
doolverbspread (of disease)
doon2cfnsuudoonsuiverblie down Bi doonthey lay downintransitive
cfnkateendɔverb1lying down2lying down
dɔlverbfollow around - This is not a complimentary expression; you may ask someone to do it, but should not comment about it, if someone does it
duinf. var.dunverbgroan (as in pain or distress)Binib yaa ji falaa kan, bi du la. When people are opressed they groan.
dukdial. var.dokduŋcfduŋdial. var. ofdukverbstand in the light, blocking it out, hide from view...ntaalangbam duk u......clouds hide him (God) from view...
dulnverb1give a praise name, nickname, to2This is done at birth, but the name is usually only called in dancing after a person has done something great, clever or funny.
duninf. var. ofdu
duŋdial. var. ofduk