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dur1inf. var. ofdonn
dur2verbto mate (of animals)...le ija dur isal pu....the males (goats) mated with the females.
durmadverbintensifier (used with the verb ji to cheat).Bi ji bikpopiib durm la.They cheat widows completely.
duun1cfmar2verbbe nearSaa kee duun nima chee.You are not near there yet.Ntim ngbaan duun tɔb.The towns are near to one another.
duun2verbswell, be swollen...le nimi aataa mu aa duun....your feet did not swell. (on the long journey)
duurverbscrape over/against, press toBi dak ke nibaakan buŋɔb ngbaan ga duur ŋitakpal ki bii.They were afraid that the boat might founder on the rocks.