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kachaagerapl.kachaagera mamnoungranary, made with zana matting for guinea corn and other grain5.2Food
kae1verbbreaking off
kae2verbdipping out
kakalnoungourd [type], used for soup5.2.3.1Food from plants5.2Food
kal1inf. formkalm!cfkaverbsit downU kal lijal.He sat on a chair.nkakaader.nounliving/staying place
kal2cffaa kalkaverbbe chased
kalimbaaninoundisrespect, contrariness, prideU kpa kalimbaani. He has no respect for anyone.
kalimbaanidaannounobjectionable, disobedient, rude, disrespectful person (lit: kalimbaani owner)
kalm!inf. formka
kalm!inf. formkal1
kamantosipl.kamantosi mamkamantosi tiibnountomato5.2.3.1Food from plants
kan1verbsee, get, findU kan kidaŋ.He was injured. (He got a wound)U kan falaa.He suffered. (saw suffering/hardship)
kan2cfyaa...kanparticleif, conditional (see yaa........kan)
kangbapl.kangba mamkangba tiibnounvulture1.6.1.2Bird
karcfgii1verbtear, be torn
karyaacffirilaanounbush lamp
kawɔnounsaltpetre (a catalyst for food)5.2Food
keparticlethat: speech, wish, or thought introducerti ban ke.. We want to..Bi nyi ke.. They know/think that..U bui mi ke ..He said to me...