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mpombiincfponnnoungrief, sadness
mpopiinnounhappinessBi kpa mpopiin. They are happy.(They have happiness- white inside)
mpopiindaancfdaan2piin1ponnnounhappy person
mpɔnpl.ipɔnnounline (of yam mounds, guinea corn ridges etc.)mpɔnja / ipɔnjafoundations mound/sspecial line of big yam mounds marking the edge of a field; the other mounds are lined up against it
mpɔɔncfdaan2daan2kumpɔɔkuncomp. ofnkunmpɔɔnmpɔɔndaanmpɔɔndamdial. var. ofmpɔɔndaannkunpɔɔupɔɔndaannounstrength, power, authority (related to riches, but also physical)mpɔɔnsakpiincomp.noungreat strengthmpɔpɔɔnder.adverbstrongly/loudly
mpɔɔndaandial. var.mpɔɔndamcfdaan2mpɔɔnnounpowerful person
mpɔɔnkundial. var. ofmpɔɔkuncomp. ofnkunmpɔɔn
mpuibimcfipuilibilnounipui seed (acha, like grass seed) from plants5.2Food
mpuulpl.ipuulnounlong-handled calabash used for serving soup or drink, tikpin aapuul has a shorter handle, but is longer than lichakpaal5.2Food
mpuuncfbusubbusubmmoopuunnsupuunnounflower which becomes fruitmmoopuunwild bush flower which does not become a fruitnsupuuntree flower, blossom5.2Food
mu2pronounthey/them (cl. pn.)muma1unspec. comp. formpronounthey, them (emphatic pn. cl. 6)Waah dii nsan mu ki dan na, muma le u ga ki gir dii.He will go back by the same road he came.
mu3pronounit (cl. pn.)
mubaa1reflexivethemselves, itself (cl. reflex.)
mubaa2determinerone, certain (cl. det.)Nsan mubaa bi. Njum mubaa bi.There is a certain/one way. There are some/certain knives.
mue1demonstrativethis - concordant with n. cl. 10
mue2verbget darkNi mue a.It is dark
mue3demonstrativethese - concordant with n. cl. 6
muenverbcrush, press down, press, squeeze, (with hand) make a dent
muiverbobserve that