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-ncfaan1inf. var. ofaa1baan3kaan3future negative sfxwill not/are not... future negative
n--1pronounpfxit, neutral
n--2prefixpfxyou, 2nd person pluralNaa ban nibaa.You do not want anything. (you neg. want anything)naajuk your knife (you possessive knife)
n-gbaanlocativeoutside, aside
n-yaayoonncfn-yoonnn-yunntemporalthen, long ago, in former times (in ancestors' day)
n-yaayunntemporalthen, long ago, in former times (in ancestors' day)
n-yimcfyinnouncalling, cry
n-yoncfbudubndinduyonnkpandiyonnounflour5.2.3.1Food from plants
n-yonkurkaannounfood [type] from plants5.2Food
n-yoonnountree (see App. 8) [type]
n-yoonncfba1bayoonncomp. ofn-yoonnn-yaayoonntemporaltime, age, periodN-yoonn ngbaanAt that time (time the)n-yoonn mɔmɔkalways (time all)bayoonncomp.cfba1n-yoonninterrogativewhen? (what time?)
n-yunncfn-yaayoonntemporaltime, age, periodN-yoonn ngbaanAt that time (time the)n-yoonn mɔmɔkalways (time all)
n-yuupl.iyuucfiyuupl. ofn-yuunounmillet, singular of iyuu5.2.3.1Food from plants
n-yuupoonountree [type]1.5.1Tree
napl.natiibcfkpelkpelnakpelnakpetiibpl. ofnakpelnawaanawaatiibpl. ofnawaa-tiib-tiibwaatiirwaatiirnounmother4.1.9Kinship
na1particlethe one here, the one we know ofMaabo le na. He is my child. (my-child here)
na2particlepast markerdaalpu na the day before yesterday (day-upon past)
na3particlesubordinate clause marker (relative, temporal etc.)Ubo u ku ujan na.... The boy who killed the fish....
na aabopl.naabitiibcfaanoun1sibling with same mother4.1.9Kinship2used more widely as a friendly form of address (naabiteeb - brethren)
naa1dial. var. ofgbabclothe
naa2cfaa1ni1negative pronounit isn't/didn't (neuter pronoun /ni/ isn't/didn't...)Naa ye uŋoobIt is not a goat