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njikpepunounknife blade
njimcfji1nounfeast, festival
njukaacfkijuknounsharp edge (of knife)njukaan wɔbsharp edge of knife
njumpl. ofkijuk
njuunpl.ijuun1nounsemence de neeri
nkaal1pl.ikaal2cflikapanlnounbig zana mat
nkaal2pl.ikaal1nouncustom, practice, law, tradition
nkaan1noun1gall bladder2.1Body2vésicule biliare2.1Body
nkakaader. ofkal1
nkalmbuunpl.ikalmbuunnoundrain - purpose-made hole in floor to collect water
nkamoonpl.ikamooncfnkannounpart of guinea corn stalk nearest to the grain, used to make sleeping mats
nkanpl.ikancfnkamoonnounsleeping mat made from ikamoon by old ladies
nkeerpl.ikeernounroof-bindergrass bound into a sort of rope and attached to rafters. The thatch is then tied on to it. The word is also used for the cross pieces on a retangular roof.
nkiidɔpl.ikiidɔnounbar of key soap
nkinpl.ikinnounbig clay pito pot5. preparation
nkonnounhunger, famineNkon joo u.He is hungry. (hunger holds him)Nkon lir bi pu.They had a famine. (hunger fell on them)5.2Food
nkoodaanpl.ikoodaannounmites found on chicken's eggs1.6.1.7Insect
nkookooyaancfkoo2yaan1nounlodging, a place to stay in
nkoolpl.ikoolcfbunyɔbnoundam walls
nkoonpl.ikoonnounchewing stick, (may be taken from any edible tree)