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paa1verbbe standing or lying on top of
paa2verbtwine, twist rope
paa3cfcheendiiverbbe behindU paa puwɔbHe followed back
paabcflaampaablaan1locativeabove, up
paablocativeup, above, heaven
paachamlocativeabove, heaven
paan1cfbiinverbput on top of, carry on top of (e.g. bicycle)
paan2cfdiiverbfollow behind, be next in orderdial. var.cheen
paarverbremove from on top (opposite paan)
pakcfmpaknverbpraise, thank, honour
palverbtie, plait hair
pamverb1sew (with a machine)2sew with a machine
pam2adverbvery, much, intensifierNi ŋan pam. It is very good. (good much)
pandial. var. ofpunngerminate
pan1cfpunnverbgerminate (above ground)
pan2verbpay, employ
pan3verbmilk (a cow) from plants
pangaranounlog-benchlogs arranged to make a seat outside the compound
papapl.papa mamnounfan
peeverbbe widempepeender.nounwidth
peekverbwiden, become wide