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pɔnnverbbecome like new, rejuvenated
pɔɔcfbumɔbdiinlitunllitupɔɔlmmɔpɔɔncomp. ofbumɔbmpɔɔnmpɔɔnngbanngbapɔɔnverbbe strong, hard, toughUtafal pɔɔ. He does not understand/obey. (His ears are hard)Aapuu pɔɔ ɔɔ?How is your wife? (Your wife strong?)Kidaak pɔɔ. It is expensive. (price is-hard)
pɔɔkverbbecome strong, strengthen
pɔɔn1cfjapɔɔnmaa1mbim2mbipɔmpl. ofubopɔɔnndaanndindipɔɔndaanntamapɔɔntitanubo1ubo1ubopɔɔncomp. ofubo1pɔɔn1verbbe new, young
pɔɔn3verbstrengthen, harden
pɔɔrverbburn fiercely
pɔr1verbreproducemoo pɔr multiply offspring (more reproduce)
pɔr2verbbend, fold, go round a corner, curve
pu1dial. var.piparticlein an indirect question: what, how, whyU kan ndaan aah bii pu na.She saw how the pito had spoiled.Baa nyi baah ga ŋa pu na.They did not know what they would do.Maa nyi budabu pu u wii na.I don't know why he is crying
pu2dial. var.picfdaŋ1nwiin pu aadaŋder. oftidaŋnwiin1tidaŋprep.on, about, concerningBa pu ni ban mi?Why did you look for me? (What upon you look-for me?)Nima pu na .....That is why..... (It emph. upon)
puenadverbprecede, (do) alreadyM puen jin a.I have already eaten. (I already ate)
pui1cfpuinverbmake a mat
puincfkoo2ndɔndɔpuinkoopui1verbinterlace, interweave
puirverbbe ripe, mature5.2Food
puk1cfpuŋverbsprinkle (ashes on head)
puk2cfkipupukverbboast, brag
pukrverbcome out of hiding (op. peŋ)
pul1cfkipulkverbperform (ordeal)pul kipulkperform ordeal
pul2verbroast (meat, fish)5.2Food
pulmnounfar placepulm ponn niin a far place
puncfken3ken3libverbroast in a fire5.2Food