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punncfbunn2kpenn1pan1verbgerminate (under ground)dial. var.pan
puŋcfpuk1verbsprinkle (dust or ashes on head)
purverbmention (a name)
puuverbburst, blow up
puupl.puutiibcfbipuubipuutiibpl. ofbipuuubo1nounwife4.1.9Kinship
puu2verbflow, seep in, spring up
puu3verbrise (of sun)
puu3cfbumɔbmmɔpuurcomp. ofbumɔbpuun liiverbpromise (a promise), swear, make a covenant/promiseM ga puu tipuur tii si ke aa ga li kpa yaabitiib pam.I will make my covenant with you and give you many descendants.
puul1verbcrack nuts, shell, remove crust, hard skin5.2Food
puul2pl.puultiibnounfather's sister4.1.9Kinship
puun1verbinflate, pump
puun2verbspray, dust with something
puun liiverbcurse
puur1cfgɔlngɔlnlidaapuullimɔɔdapuulcomp. oflimɔɔllimɔɔlverbcross a river in a boat, or wade
puur2verbrise (of the sun)
puwɔblocativebehind, at the back of