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siiraacfsiiraadaanudaannouna witness
siiraadaancfsiiraaudaannounlit. witness-owner
silcfyir2verbstand, stopsil yirstand to attention (without moving)sil kichaŋsupport, back (lit. stand waist)
siln!inf. var. ofsi1
simaanoungroundnuts5.2.3.1Food from plants
sinpronounyou emph. (emphatic pn. 2nd sg.)
sinpeeknounbean [type] from plants
siŋaterpl.siŋater mamnouncanary1.6.1.2Bird
sisiiklocativemiddle, centre
skuulcfnskuubimpl. ofuskuuboubo1nounschool
sooncfndɔndɔsoonverbbe cold, wet
sooniverbbe slow
soorverbbe better
verbbe presentU sɔthere he is!
sɔksɔkrustling noise in a bag
sɔŋverbbecome cool, wet, cold, get better (of sickness), make wet, cold
suverbhave intercourse (man with a woman)
subinf. suiverbbury
suicfdoon2nsuudoonnoun.soul, heart2.1Body
suklaacflimɔrder. ofmɔrnounpatience, longsuffering when irritated