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tak1cflinaataklverbbe walking on the road
tak2verbprovoke, accost, lie in wait
tak3verbtake honey from a beehive5.2Food
taklverbtake off shoes (opposite of tak/taŋ)
talnverbstretch out, make longer, extend
taŋ1verbwalk on road
taŋ2verbput on shoes
taparnyinyirnounface mark [type]2.1Body
tapoopl.tapoo mamnounwide, rat-skin wrist band worn on left wrist when using bow and arrows, to protect from injury
tarverbbe calm, smooth (of water), flat
tataa1nounmeaning: ni kpa tataa 'it has meaning' naatataa le ye.. 'its meaning is..'Aa bee naatataa aa?Do you understand? (you know its meaning?)
tepl.tetiibcfkpeltaabitiibpl. ofte aabotekpel-tiibubo1nounfather4.1.9Kinship
te aabopl.taabitiibnounsibling with same father4.1.9Kinship
te aapuupl.te aapuutiibnounfather's wife4.1.9Kinship
tebinf. teei2verbcure, heal (trans)
teedemonstrativethese - concordant with n. cl. 7
teebdial. var. oftiib
-teebdial. var. oftiib
teelanounsewing machine