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Likpakpaanl - English


tichɔnnnounfibre from the stem of an old kinyangbang‹ plant
tidakannounpito solids after straining/filtering (see App. 8) beverage
tidaŋcfdaŋ1nwiin pu aadaŋder. oftidaŋnwiin1pu2noundreamU daŋ tidaŋ. He dreamed.nwiin pu aadaŋder.cfdaŋ1nwiin1pu2tidaŋnoundaydream
tidifɔfɔŋnountall buildings, towers
tidikamoorcfkidiiktimoor1noungrass roof
tidipimoorcfkidiiktimoor1nounthatch, roof
tidurnoundawa dawa pod5.2.3.1Food from plants
tifaannoundread, awe, fearNi kpa tifaan. It is frightening. (It has fear - perhaps a mask)
tifafarcftifarpl. ofkifarknounsoup leaves [type] from plants
tifeennouncut down bush/grass before it is raked togetherU feen tifeen. He raked grass.
tigangamnountrouble, amusing or surprising