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y-pronounpfxthey (see introduction)
yaa2inf. yaeverbscatter, sow, disperse
yaa3negative pronounthey cl. 9 or 11 pronoun plural /i/ with neg. particle /aa/ did not/are not...
yaa...kancfkan2particleif, when (subordinating)Libuul yaa lir kitiŋkan, li ga wii.If a pot falls, it will break.
yaabcfbiyaabuyaabnoun.people possessed/ ownedYaan yaab. Yendi people.
yaahpronounas they pro. cl. subord....Ŋijoo pu le ye yaah ŋmɔ timoor nin chee na.The mountains are the pastures where they feed.
yaan1cfkoo2miyaanunspec. comp. form ofmiyaan1nkookooyaannoun.things possessed/ownedM. yaan. M.'s things.miyaanunspec. comp. formcfmiyaan1noun.mine (my thing)
yaan2negative future pronounclass 9 or 11 pronoun fused with neg. /aa/ and future /-n/ They sre not/did not)
yaansaranounjoke, geniality, joviality (ŋani yaansara)U kpa yaansara. He is a jovial man. (He has..)M ŋani yaansara la.I am joking. (I am-doing..)
yaansaradial. var. ofaasai
yaapariknounguinea corn [type] from plants
yaarverb1make a bending person straighten up2applies only to this sort of position
yaayanadjectivedifferent, another
yadaanountrustMaa ki ŋa liwaal yadaa nsui ni.In my heart, I could not trust the fetish any more. (I-neg.again do fetish trust my-heart in)
yak1verbdraw near (to speaker), draw near (in time), reach
yaklcfgannverbdivide, separate from each isayakr ki li lik man.Stand at the crossroads and look.
yannverbbe healed, of a wound
yeverbbe (in essence), occupationU ye ukɔndaan la.He is a leper.