Likpakpaanl – English


bal2inf. var.balnibanniverbcarry in one's hand in addition to a head burdenB. tun nnyun uyir paab la le ki bal gbagir uŋaal ni.B. carried water on her head and also in a bucket in her hand.
balaanounboastingU nyu balaa he boasted
balabpl.balab teebnounsoup leaves [type] from plants
balniinf. var. ofbal2
baninf. var.bannicfmbanverb1seek, want, search for2be about to
banchinouncassava5.2.3.1Food from plants
banniinf. var. ofban
banniinf. var. ofbal2
baŋverbgroup together protectivelyLa chee aan saawakor ga nan baŋ nwiin pu? (Sng. 1.7)Where will your sheep rest at noon?
baŋainterrogativewhy? what's wrong?ba ŋa si? what happened you?
bar1cfchee4verbreduce (price) break off, cut offUwankpadaan taa pa jer, ugiin mu taa pa bar. (Exo. 30.15)The rich should not pay more, the poor should not pay less.
bar2verbbreak offLe bi bar tifar. They broke off leaves.
bar3verbpour (into a bowl)
bar4verbmake tribal marks on face or body
bar5verbput black on eyes
bar6verbdip out a liquid , using a small containerBar tikpin tii bi man. (2Ki. 4.41)Dip out soup and give/serve them.
beecfgaardial. var. ofgur2gur2verbremainU nan bee Yaan iwiin ilee amaa dandana u kun.He remained in Yendi for a few days, but now he has gone home.U bee nnyun ni.He drowned. (he remained water in)
bee1demonstrativethese (3 pl. or cl. 2 demonstrative)
bee2conjunctionor, an alternativeYoor unii ubaa bee bilee ki ki buen u chee.take one or two people and go again to him.
bee3inf. var.beer3verbknow, realise, recognise, discover
beebeenounwickednessBinib bi kpa beebee na aabeebee le kuln biThe wickedness of the wicked destroys them. (People who have wickedness poss.-wickedness destroys them)
beenindial. var.bueninadverbcontinue to, stillUbo beenin gbiir.The child is still playing.
beer1cfmbeertinimoorverbclear ground (around house or farm preparatory to planting)