Likpakpaanl – English


cedinouncedi (loan word)
cha1inf. var.chaa3verbgo, proceed (perf./imperf. form change)
cha2verbleavecha pinnder.verbforgive (see pinn)U cha pinn bi.He forgave them.di chader.verbstop
cha3verballow, cause, make happen
chaa2verbdash, give discount toChaa mi.Dash meunyanchaarder.nounmarket owner who may collect his dash from the sellers. (u chaa kinyaŋ)
chaa3inf. var. ofcha1
chaalverbcomb, arrange, hairLe u bal chaloo, ki chaal uyikpir mbamɔm. She put on eyeshadow and arranged her hair well.
chaancfsunnverb1descend (hill or mountain)2lean out of (tree)3pull over the headU bi chaani lijool choo.He is coming down the mountain.U bi chaani busub paab.He is leaning out of the tree.U chaan libɔkol.He pulled his shirt over his head.
chaar1verbpass on without stopping, pass by another wayU chaar buen Sanguul la.He went on to Sanguuli.
chaar2verbwinnowU chaar idi.He winnowed guinea corn.
chaar3verbpierce (with an arrow or spear)Aa di ubaa aakpaatuŋ le too chaar uyil.With his own spear you pierced his head.
chachaanoungambling pieces (loan word)
chachaabadverbintensifierMaa nyi u chachaab. I do not know him at all.Naa bi chachaab. There is nothing left at all.
*chachaandial. var.kpaan1cf*baan4kpaan2qualifier rootsameliyimbil lichachaan the same nameM ni u aa kpaan dii amaa maah di buŋɔb bu puu na buŋɔb buchachaan le u mu di puu.We did not travel together, but he crossed in the same boat as I did.muchachaander.adjectiveone and the same
chaeverbcut tribal marks on the back (usually of a woman)
chainadverb1pure, cleanLikekeln bi chain. The cloth is clean, well washed.2holy, righteous
chakcfchɔbverbbe too large to pass through an opening, get stuckŊŋaal chak. My arm is stuck.
chak chakadjectiveintensifier Uwon nan piir chak chak.His body became white as snow. (with leprosy)
chakachakanounbody mark [type]2.1Body
chakpelpl.chakpeteebnounhusband's older brother (kinship)4.1.9Kinship
chalpl.chateebcflichamɔnlmɔn1uchakpinnounhusband (kinship)Saah yoor upii u na kpa chal.The woman you have taken has a husband.4.1.9Kinship
chal aaninkpannounhusband's sister (kinship)4.1.9Kinship