Likpakpaanl – English


chaloonouneyeshadow (loan)Le u bal chaloo, ki chaal uyikpir mbamɔm.She put on eyeshadow and arranged her hair well.
chann2verbbe strange, odd
chann3inf. var.channiverbgive hospitality to (followed by noun tichann)Ni li channi tɔb tichann ki taa ŋulni.Offer hospitality to one another without complaining.
channiinf. var. ofchann3
chapiinounhusband's mother (kinship)4.1.9Kinship
chapinnnounforgivenessNi yaa kaa di cha pinn bi kan, baan kan chapinn.If you do not forgive them they are not forgiven.
chapɔnpl.chapɔntiibnounbabe, little child, unlearned, naiveAa bɔr tibɔr timina bilankpalb ni binimbiwolm, le ki di mɔk chapɔntiib.You have hidden this from the wise and learned and showed it to litle children.
char1verbsplit, operate upon, cut a channel, tear/be torn
char2verbwash, clean upN‑yoonn ngbaan le u di nnyun char baabuun ngbaan.At that hour of the night he took water and washed their wounds.
chawaapl.chawaateebnounhusband's younger brother (kinship)4.1.9Kinship
checheecftaandarknounbicycle (loan word)
chee1verbpush into the fireChee idɔ ŋa.Push the firewood into the fire.
chee2locativewith, beside, at
chee3cfchirverbpierce a hole
chee4cfbar1verbharvest by cutting, reap, cut halfdial. var.lak15.2Food
cheencfdiipaa3verbaccompanyUwumbɔr cheen si.May God go-with you.
cheendial. var. ofpaan2be next
cheerverbrise from the dead or from a faint, recover from madness
cherverbslit open and remove intestines
chiverbbe clever, mature in knowledge