Likpakpaanl – English


chibcfchobdeedeeadverbfirmly (si chib, stand firm)
chii1verbpound earth to make flat surface (room, courtyard, lipaal)
chii2verbcome running together
chii3cfŋminadverbcompletely (quiet) used with 'ŋmin')Biyidam ngbaan nan ka ŋmin chii, kaa ŋmaa gar tibaa.The leaders were quiet and could find nothing to say.
chii...puverbaccuse, disregarding any protestationsAa chii m pu ke min le ŋa.You are trying to blame me.; (You accused me that I did it.)
chiibverbjump downU nyan busub paab chiib ni a.He jumped down from the tree.; (He left tree up jumped-down.)
chiin1pl.chiinteebnoun1wife's village people junior to or of equal seniority with husband. (kinship)2man's sister's husband4.1.9Kinship
chiin2cfkpak1verbshow, challenge, teach a lesson, correct, rebukeM ga chiin si.I will show you. (teach you a lesson)
chiin3verbsneezeUpii chiin a.The woman sneezed.
chiin4cfdiinadjectivetender, naahn ke utaal u lir yɔl yɔl timoor ti laa chiin na pu gentle rain that falls on tender grass.
chiirverbstep into space, fall, landU chiir libuul ni.He fell into a pothole.
chik1cfbuuverbbe upside down, wear (on head)U chik kibɔryikpupuk.He wore a crown (chief's hat)
chik2verbput on a hat
chikrverbremove a hat (opposite of chik)
chikr1verbturn right side up, uncover, remove hat (op. chiŋ, chik)Chuu chikr saabɔryikpupuk.Remove your crown (king's hat)
chikr3cfmuunwee1verb1grow, grow up in stature (of people)dial. var.wiir2complete, perfectJ. chikr woween pam.J. grew up very quickly.M bae chikr la.I have learned all.
chinnverbconfuse, make a mistakeU chinn bi.He confused them.
chiŋverbturn upside down, enclose in upturned container, put on headM chiŋ ikoobi.I shut up the chicks. (overturned a basket on them)Di kigbaŋ lab chiŋ. Turn the book over.
chircfchee3verbpierce an earDi u buen saadichal aanaakook aabisamɔb ki ti saa chir utafal.Take him to the door of your house and there pierce his ear.
chocfchoŋgalktototoverbbe bitterNi nan cho pam.It was very bitter.
chobcfchibdeedeeadverbfirmly, exactly
chooverbcome (changes form)(be on the way coming) (see dan)Bipiib bibaa le nan bi le ki choo kinyaŋ ni...There were some women coming to market...