Likpakpaanl – English


gbelngbelnadjectivefinal, last
gben1verbsignal the start of whistling, drumming, etc.
gben2dial. var.gbeverbthunder in the distance without lightningUtaal gben. There is thunder. (rain is shouting)
gber1dial. var. ofgbir2
gber2dial. var.gbir3verbrip open with a saa gber bipudam aapuu....and rip open pregnant women.
gbii1cfudagbiircomp. ofndaanverbto be filled, be full, be drunkNi gbii a.It is full.U gbii ndaan a./U nyun ndaan gbii.He is drunk. (he filled pito/he drank pito full)
gbii3verb be true...see m buen ntim ngbaan ni, ki ti lik ke ti gbii aan taa gbii.I must go to those towns and see whether it (the report) is true or not.
gbiinverbto fill (causative of gbii)Unimbil gbiin siHe is satisfied/pleased with you (his eyes fill-with you)
gbiir1verbbe blunted, dull
gbiir2cfngbiirverbplay (a game)
gbilmverbbe still (of water)nnyun dɔ gbilmthe water became very calm (water lay calm)
gbiln1dial. var. ofgbeln
gbiln2verbuntie (opposite of tie)Gideonn nan ku bi, le ki gbiln nleenyaan mu gbin baalaakumii tiib aasil na.Gideon killed them and took (untied) the ornaments that were tied on their camels' necks.
gbilngbilnadverbugly, shapeless, gloom
gbimmadverb(listen) attentively...le bi mɔmɔk si pel gbimm ke bi ŋun ti mɔmɔk....and they all stood listening attentively in order to hear everything.
gbininf. var.gbeeicfbuubuufindial. var. ofgbinfingbabdial. var. ofgbingbabdial. var. ofgbinŋmaandial. var. ofgbinverbtether, tiedial. var.fingbabŋmaan
gbingbinadverbvery well, surely, face to faceU nyi gbingbin ke sin le ga ŋa Israel aabɔr.He knows very well that you will become the king of Israel.
gbinndial. var. ofbuuruntie
gbir1verbclean guinea corn, millet or groundnuts by gently banging in a calabash and separating black bits. from plants
gbir2dial. var.gber1verbstir up/ agitate (water)Binib ni tiwakor aan ki li bi ki gbir nnyun.There will no longer be people or animals to stir up (make muddy) the water.
gbir3dial. var. ofgber2
gbooverbtalking endlesslyAa gboo do oo?Have you finished your long winded speech?
gbɔkverbbe by, immediately adjacent toga kal gbɔkkal gbɔk!sit by/beside