Likpakpaanl – English


ke...nabe like ...somethingU bi ke na laHe is like thatNi bi ke nee na It is like this (thing)
kee1demonstrativethis - concordant with n. cl. 5
kee2adverbnever, not yet (used with neg.)Maa kee kan u.I have not yet seen him.
kelnverbmeetdial. var.pii
ken3cflibpunpunverbfry, roast in a pan5.2Food
*ken1determinerother another
*ken2adjectiveanother, the otherTii mi linuul liken. Give me another yam.
kenadial. var.kinaadverblike that, in that wayM nan bi ke wee na. I was like this (person).Maa nyi ke libuln daar kena I did not know that the wind blows like that.
kena kanif it is like that, so (often used in response to some information given)Ni yaa bi kena kan...If it is like that...
keŋverbsew on
kerverbpluck, bring down from a tree5.2Food
ki1particleagain, any longer, any moreUbɔr aan ki tii mi.The chief will not give (it) to me again.
ki2pronounit (cl. pn.)
ki3cfaa1gakaan3conjunctionand (joining two clauses with the same subject)Bi fiir ki cha.They got up and were going.
ki-cfaa1aa1gakaa5kaan4class prefixpfxki noun class 5 prefixkijuk knife
kibaa1reflexiveitself (cl. reflexive)
kibaa2determinerone, a certain (cl. det.)
kibabrpl.tibabcflikalambabnounhead louse1.6.1.7Insect
kibeekpl.tibarcfubeegbaacomp. player
kibobiknounpito may be served in this small pot, or in a sagbo. It will be poured into a calabash for drinking.5.2Food
kibooknounshoulder (of a carcase) Ni di kibook, ni mmɔkpaween, ni lipuul tii bitotoorb.The priests are to be given the shoulder, the jaw, and the stomach. (of a sacrifice)
kibɔkpeŋpl.tibɔkpeŋnounhouse for small animals (goats, sheep, pigs, hens etc.)