Likpakpaanl – English


lampoopl.lampoo mamnountax (for people)
laŋ1verbbe hung
laŋ2verblock, bolt
le1particleemphatic particleMin le ban nnyɔk.It is I who want medicine.Ntewaa aabisal le na.That is my uncle's daughter.
le2conjunctionand, and then, then, introductoryBi tii u nnyun le u nyun. Le bi doon u idoon. Le u buen...They gave him water and he drank. Then they greeted him. Then he went....
lee1cfkijukkipileejukmpiin3verbchoose, take out, extract, take a photo, remove the skin of an animal
lee2verbboil, bubble (intransitive)
lee4demonstrativethis - concordant with n. cl. 3
leemapl.leema mamnounumbrella
leemoonounlemon, orange, citrus fruit5.2.3.1Food from plants
leencfleer2nleenverbhang, hang outleen aalambilput out your tongue
leer1verbboil, bubble up
leer2cfleenverbopposite of hang out/up (unhang)
lek1verbhold breath
lek2cflekrverbhinder, block
lekrcflek2verbunblock (opposite of lek)
lelee1cfnleeordinalsecond in order/two each
*lelee2numeralchacun(e) deux/deux deux
lelercfnleeordinalsecond in order