Likpakpaanl – English


teeninf. tarverbshout at
teer1verbbe complete, complete
teer2cfbaardakl1-kaan-kaanlikpateerkaanlitakpallitakpallitakpateerkaantiwantiwanbaarkaanverbremember, remind
tekverbbe holding underneath, be held up, be supportingubɔɔteŋsoothsayer's assistant
tekpelpl.tekpetiibcfkpeltenounfather's older brother4.1.9Kinship
tekrverb1remove from underneath something2take off the top, (leaving something at the bottom e.g. dregs, sediment)
telkverbbe shallow, become shallow
teŋverb1cup hands to catch something falling2collect rain water
ter2verbspread out something (e.g. skin)
ter3verbmake bottom part of a basket
tetiibpl. ofte
tewaapl.tewaatiibcfwaatiirnounfather's younger brother4.1.9Kinship
tewaanounsmall/junior father
ti1pronounthey/them (cl. pn.)
ti2cfnan3particledirectional, away from, (go) to (do something)M cha kinyaŋ ni m ti daa tikpin la.I am going to market to buy some soup ingredients.
tibaa1reflexiveourselves (1 pl. reflex.)
tibaa2determinersome, certain (cl. )
tibaa3reflexivethemselves (cl. reflex.)