Likpakpaanl – English


w--pronounpfxhe, before neg. or poss. (see introduction)
waa1verbbe wide, widen
waa3verbsee, be able to see
waa4negative pronounhe/she/it is not/did not. Sg. Pronoun class 1 fused with neg. particle /aa/
waahpronounas he/she was...takes obligatory clause final particle /na/
waahrtemporalfirst, before
waan1verbraise head to look up
waan3cfu1negative future pronounclass 1, 2 or 3 sg. pronoun with negative and future morphemes. (he/she/it (animate) will not/is not
waardial. var. ofpiir2open
waar1verbopen (mouth)
waar2verbleave alone, leave in peace
waatiircfnananawaanawaatiibpl. ofnawaatewaatewaatiibpl. oftewaa-tiib-tiibadjectivesmall, thin
wabinf. waeverbgrab
*waecfliwawaernumeralnine (takes obligatory prefix agreeing with the nominal to which it refers.)
waŋverbbe missing, lost (of a thing)
warverbcut up, apportion food
wee1inf. weeiweei!cfchikr3muunverbgrow, become many
wee2demonstrativethis (3 sg. or cl. 1 demonstrative)
weei!inf. var. ofwee1
ween1verbwilting (of a tree)
ween2cfdamverbmake a noise

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