Likpakpaanl – English


werverbremove (a thorn)
wii1cfikpowiilcomp. ofkpowii1iwiilkaan2kpondaawiinverb1cry (with tears)2hiss (of pito as it gets strong)ikpowiilcomp.cfiwiilkaan2kpowii1nounfuneral/death crying
wii2verbsmash, breakgbaa wii knock down, smash (beat break)
wiinverbshine, be bright
wiirdial. var. ofchikr3 1mature
wiirverbbe many, numerous
wolncfkichakpiiklichakpitaawonlverbenlighteninimbiwolncomp.nounenlightenmentAa yaa san Uwumbɔr kan, ni ye inimbiwoln la.The fear of the Lord teaches a man wisdom.
won2verbbe burnt up (e.g. of bush grass)
worverbwarm oneself
woweenadverbquicklyU fuu ni woween. He came quickly.
woyaapl.woyaatiibnounbird [type]
wɔblocativetowards, in the direction of, near
wuverbbe painful, hurt
wuljonounsweet potato5.2.3.1Food from plants
wunverbsinge, burn hair
wuŋcfbɔr1peŋ verbsit on (to hatch), crouch down, hide under, sink beneath the water (e.g. of soaking guinea corn)
wurcfbunn1verbcrumble, break into piecesLigoln ngbaan ga wur lir kitiŋ.The wall will crumble and fall.
wuuŋverbgo mouldy
wuurverbdissolve (as bunn), lose dye, fade (of cloth)chuuwuur take off, take out

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