Likpakpaanl alphabet


A/a Aa/aa B/b Ch/ch D/d E/e Ee/ee F/f G/g Gb/gb H/h I/i Ii/ii J/j K/k Kp/kp L/l M/m N/n Ŋ/ŋ Ŋm/ŋm O/o Oo/oo Ɔ/ɔ Ɔɔ/ɔɔ P/p R/r S/s T/t U/u Uu/uu V/v W/w Y/y


The Likpakpaanl-to-English part of the dictionary is arranged alphabetically according to the above order.
Thus, words beginning gb occur at the end of the g
section rather than after ga, those beginning kp after k, ny after n and ŋm after ŋ. Words beginning with ŋ are inserted after ny and those beginning with ɔ after o. The order is therefore as follows:
a b c ch d e f g gb h i j k kp l m n ny ŋ ŋm o ɔ p s t u w y