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linujalpl.ŋinujalverbtuber yam of any kind5.2.3.1Food from plants

linyaarpl.ŋinyaaverbyeast-ropethick, plaited rope which absorbs yeast from one batch of pito and is used to tansfer it to the next5.2.3.1Food from plants

liturpl.ŋiturverb1baobab tree1.5.1Tree2baobab pod and contents5.2.3.1Food from plants

liwɔkl1pl.ŋiwɔk1verbhalf fowlif a fowl is split in the middle, the parts are called liwɔkl from plants

lɔnaakunounguinea corn [type] from plants

maabpl.maainounsmall fried cake [type] from plants

mbaabilnounspices, perfume5.2.3.1Food from plants