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gi̱loobbu̱magi̱loobbu̱Englishntorch bulb8. source

ki̱hu̱lobi̱hu̱lon1wax candleSynkabbani̱ source5.1Household equipment4.9.8Religious things2foam; froth that comes from s.b.’s mouth when they are sickBulwaye bwaleki̱ye ki̱hu̱lo kyakala kumutuwa mu kanu̱wa.The sickness has made foam begin comming out of his mouth. possession2.2.3Spit, saliva2.5.1Sick2.1.1.4Mouth

lu̱tambintambin1wick8. source2piece of cloth used for lighting household lamps5.5.1Light a fire8. source6.6.1.1Cloth