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kubhulukanav1become thinAkughendagha neeyongela kubhulukana.He continues to become thin.Synkukeehakwoloba8.2.3.3Thin person8.1.4.3Decrease8.2.3.1Thin thing9.3.1.4To a smaller degree8.2.1Small2.5.2.1Malnutrition, starvation2stretch the bodyMuleke tuumuke twenanulemu.Let us stand and stretch ourselves. a part of the body

kwedhootaagi̱yavbecome weakKwedhootaagi̱ya kuwe kwaleki̱ye bamwi̱ma byokuliya.His becoming weak has made him loose the food. person2.4.2Weak2.5.6Symptom of disease2.4Body conditionder. ofkudhoota