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eti̱ndemati̱ndenroots of elephant grass1.5.3Grass, herb, vine1.5.5Parts of a plant

kasungabusunganchaff that is picked out from edible foods8.1.7.4Remain, remainder6.2.6.1Winnow grain1.5.5Parts of a plant

kibbaabbabibbaabbanseedless pod1.5.5Parts of a plant

kighoghobighoghon1banana fibre rope6.6.4.1Cordage7.5.4.1Rope, string2rotten tree trunk1.5.5Parts of a plant

kiikonokonobiikonokononyam stem1.5.5Parts of a plant

ki̱kongu̱bhobi̱kongu̱bhonpalm frond1.5.5Parts of a plant

kyalaaghabyalaaghandried banana leaves used for sleeping on esp. for the 4-day period between the time of death and the washing ceremony6.2.5.4Plant product5. from fruit6. bananas1.5.5Parts of a plant

kyeheleli̱yobyeheleli̱yonpalm blossom1.5.5Parts of a plant
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