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kucuukav1reach physical maturityMwana wee aahi̱ki̱ye haa edhaala lya kucuuka.His child has reached maturity. in behavior8., not young2.6.4.6Grow, get bigger2.6.4.4Adult2rise, of smoke5.5.5What fires produce3fade8. colorku̱cu̱u̱ki̱yavcause to become mature4.3.1.3Mature in behavior2.6.4.6Grow, get bigger2.6.4.4Adult

ku̱cu̱u̱ki̱yavcause to become matureAakoli̱ye mulimo ghwamaani̱ ku̱cu̱u̱ki̱ya mwana ku̱hi̱ka haa myaka ya bukulu.He has done a great job to have a child who has reached such a mature age. in behavior2.6.4.6Grow, get bigger2.6.4.4Adultder. ofkucuuka