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kwekambav1get serious, act conscientiously; put in more effortEekambi̱ye aaki̱dha bwangu.He has put more effort and arrived early. hard4.3.6Self-controlled2elect, appoint, put in a position of leadershipKukoma kyendya nsita., delegate3.3.1.2Choose3be physically strong2.4.3Energetic2.4.1Strong4improve; get more knowledge or skills in your work9.1.2.6Change something8.3.7.2Better4.3.8Change behavior8.3.7.6Improve

kweneeti̱yavget fat; make your body increase in sizeMukali̱ eeneeteei̱ye na bi̱ju̱ma.The woman has made herself fat by taking tablets.2.4.3Energetic8.2.3.2Fat person2.4Body conditionder. ofkuneeta