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paka adv. until [ - Until]
paki̱ti̱ paki̱ti̱ n. packet [ - Wrap], [7.5.4 - Tie], [ - Group of things]
pamba pamba n. cotton; cash crop that bears fruit that splits open when mature from which threads for clothes are made [ - Plant product], [1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine]
pata pata n. hinge; piece metal that holds two parts together so that one part can open or close against the other, e.g., as on a door and a door frame [6.7.5 - Fastening tool], [ - Door], [ - Window]
pau̱ n. greed for food [ - Manner of eating], [ - Lack self-control], [ - Greedy]
paasi paasi n. iron; household appliance used for ironing clothes, consisting of a handle and an iron box in which are placed burning pieces of charcoal [5.6.4 - Wash clothes]
pepeepe adv. completely Syn:kimui. [9.3.2 - Completely]
pi̱ki̱-pi̱ki̱ mapi̱ki̱-pi̱ki̱ n. motorcycle; road vehicle, driven by an engine, with two wheels and handlebars [ - Vehicle]
pulaneti̱ pulaneti̱ English n. planet [ - Planet]
pu̱lu̱-napu̱lu̱ adv. without cause [ - Without cause]