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kikorwa kya ku̱toolereeryabikorwa bya ku̱toolereeryanadventure3. ofku̱toolereerya

kitagatagakitagataganimpulse; urge3.

kuhagavar.kuhaka1v1put in, insert s.t. into s.t. else causing it to become swollen8.3.1.9Stretch2.5.6.3Swell9.3.1.3To a larger degree8.2Big8.1.8Full8., cover5., get bigger2be fully satisfied with the whole stomach bulged5.2.2.4Manner of eating5.2.2.6Satiated, full3Metaphor. provoke, incite; encourage s.b. to do s.t. violent, illegal or unpleasant, esp. by making them angry or excitedSynku̱cu̱u̱ki̱ri̱i̱ryakuhemba mworoku̱tu̱u̱ga3.

kuhemba mworovincite; encourage s.b. to do s.t. violent, illegal or unpleasant, esp. by making them angry or excitedSynku̱cu̱u̱ki̱ri̱i̱ryakuhaga 3ku̱tu̱u̱ga3. ofmworo2

kutagataRunyorov1become warmSynkuhyoha 18.3.4Hot2Metaphor. become excitedSynkuhyoha good3. doing somethingku̱tagatyavwarm; heat s.t. to a moderate temperature, neither hot or cold, e.g., sauce, tea or bathing waterSynku̱hyohya8.3.4Hot5.2.1.1Cooking methods

ku̱toolereeryavinvestigate, research; look for information about s.t. from different sources3.2.2.3Evaluate, test3.5.1.5Ask3.2.2.7Willing to learn2.3.1.3Examine3.2.2.1Studykikorwa kya ku̱toolereeryanadventure3.̱toolereerya katalivmarket, advertise; tell the public about a product or a service in order to encourage people to buy or to use it3. transaction6.8.4.2Sell6.9.3Marketing6.9.4Commerce

kweli̱gi̱ji̱i̱ravbecome excited, lust, crave; have extreme desire for s.t. that you do not yet know whether you will get3., love3.4.1.4Interested

kwenyumizavrejoice, enthuse; express great happiness by talking in an enthusiastic and excited way3. doing something3. ofkunyumiza

kwewugavgloat; show excitement for being successful, esp. due to s.b.’s failure3. doing something3.4.1.2Happy2.3.1.1Look

mbeera gya kuhyohambeera za kuhyohanhysteria3. ofkuhyoha

muzira2miziranululation; loud noise that is made, esp. by women to express excitement3. of sounds
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