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mpirimpirin. snake; thin long animal that crawls on its belly, sheds its skin and lays eggs [ - Snake]

mpiri gya kisubi kyomumpiri za kisubi kyomun. Stripped skaapsteker; small pale brown docile snake, with fairly strong venom and with the teeth not designed for tearing or chewing but of catching s.t. so that it swallows Psammophylax tritaeniatus [ - Snake]
mpiri gya lukomampiri za lukoman. Green mamba; slender green snake with large eyes, undersides yellowish and rarely bites except for self defence Dendroaspis angusticeps [ - Snake]
mpiri gya mu kitabbumpiri za mu kitabbun. Metaphor. hypocrite; betrayer [ - Betray], [ - Dishonest], [ - Hypocrite], [ - Tell a lie], [ - Deceive]

ncwerancweran. cobra[ - Snake]