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ab̯ukiadv1two days before today; the day that was before yesterday8., today, tomorrow2two days from today; the day that follows tomorrowSynkyosi̱ mwakya8., today, tomorrow

deeruadvtoday; the day that includes the present moment, not yesterday or tomorrow8., today, tomorrow8.

i̱zoadvyesterday; day before today8., today, tomorrow

kyosi̱ mwakyaadvtwo days from today; the day that follows tomorrowSynab̯uki, today, tomorrow

mwakyaadvtomorrow; the day that follows today8., today, tomorrow8.4.6.4Futurekya mwakyanbreakfast; first meal that s.b. eats in the morning5.2.2.2Mealmwakya kareiadvmorning; the time between sunrise and noon8. of the day